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My goal is to help you make that move and turn your dreams into reality, your challenges into your opportunities and your potential into your purpose. My name is Kim Thomas and I’m on a mission to help men and women all over the world improve, enhance and elevate their life. I will help you go from ordinary living to extraordinary living by helping you achieve success, happiness and total wellness.

onLIFESTYLEwithkim is your source to make that happen. Through Life Coaching, Wellness Training, Motivational Speaking and Empowerment Seminars, Kim is passionate to serve and empower people across the globe to Inspire, Believe and Achieve their best life possible. Whether you are looking for some one-on one coaching, a speaker for your next event or workshop for your group or organization, you have come to the right place to experience a total lifestyle makeover.

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How I found Strength and Beauty From Brokeness
On Passion and Purpose - On Lifestyle With Kim


You can’t afford to live in potential for the rest of your life; at some point, you have to unleash that potential and make your move. My goal is to help you make that move and turn your dreams into reality, your challenges into your opportunities and your potential into your purpose.

  • Coaching is not about analyzing your past (that’s therapy) or telling you what to do (that’s consulting); coaching is about looking forward and finding the answers from within. You are the expert on your life. I will be the guide who will help you become more conscious about what you want, create a clear plan for getting there, then provide support, resources, and accountability along the way.
  • With an extensive background in teaching, success coaching, motivational speaking, fitness, health and wellness training, mentor leadership, and working in the challenging world of Arts and Entertainment, Kim’s practical life experiences and travel throughout the United States as a freelance writer, have no doubt prepared her for this season of breakthrough and being a catalyst of change and transformation in the lives of others.

  • Kim’s most recent and currently promoted workshop (based on her upcoming book) There are 5 areas in our lives that can impact how we feel and determine our overall happiness in life and relationships.

What Happens in Life Coaching and The Process

The keys to changing your lifestyle are in your hands. The keys are your strengths, resources, supports and motivation. My job is to help you discover and unleash them.

As a Certified Life Coach and someone who deeply cares about helping people, I work with individuals who are ready for a significant change in their lives. People who care about and want the following:

  • Improve the quality of their lives in meaningful ways
  • Have a stronger sense of life purpose and direction
  • Be more authentic & honour who they really are
  • Have a stronger, closer, more dynamic family life
  • Have more passion, enthusiasm and joy
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My Work

Kim is honored to share her story in the book that she co-authored - Living Without Limitations - 30 Stories to Heal Your World - which went International Best-seller on it’s first day of release in April 2014. She is currently working on her next book and conference series ~ The 5 Part Harmony: A Guide to Successful Relationships and a Happy Life.

These success milestones didn’t come easy. Kim knows what it feels like to endure pain, face adversity and have dreams deferred. She understands the power of being resilient and tenacious in the midst of disappointment, despair and setbacks.

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The REALMe Foundation

The REALMe Foundation (Restoring, Elevating , Accepting and Loving Me - The Real me) is a dynamic and innovative non-profit empowerment and personal development organization, founded by Kim Thomas in 2013 to help women and girls at risk - many of whom are vulnerable, hurting or broken. With a focus on the restoration process, our goal is to help women and girls realize their full potential, their beauty and their REAL authentic selves. Our mantra is that Strength and Beauty Comes from Within. We instill that there is hope, and that from brokenness comes strength and power. We advocate that there are no limits to success by training, teaching, mentoring and equipping our women and girls with the tools they need to take 100% responsibility for their life. REALMe is built on the Christian values of Love, Hope, Faith, Justice, Joy, Service, Peace, Restoration, Healing and Gratitude.

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What My Clients Say.

  • Michelle Esdaille

    “Thank you Kim Thomas for being a woman of inspiration. Your story will shift perspectives quite quickly! God Bless you!”

  • Keiko Williams

    “Love it!!!! So Blessed to know you and hear you speak your testimony and SEE all that God has done in your life! Incredible story! Thank you for using your life as an example to us to keep on, keepin on and never give up on God!”

  • Gail Phillip

    “Life Coach Kim Thomas talked this evening about sticking to a goal and seeing it through. We stuck to a goal we all believed in & now we're seeing it through.”

  • Olive Walters

    “Kim, thank you for sharing your story. Whoever reads it will be touched, but those of us who know you are truly inspired. You are such an amazing woman.”

  • Brian Baulch

    “Thank you so much for sharing your story to the world Kim Thomas now touching lives and bring healing and inspiration as we speak! Congratulations on NOW been an international bestseller!”

  • Yaya Rudo Bingepinge-Dzenga

    “My soul sister Kim Thomas a lot of the youths will heal and grow from your story, thank you for being bold enough to share!”

  • Anita Sechesky

    “Thank you Kim for speaking into my spirit. This was an awesome experience and I am more motivated and inspired to live in purpose and not just exist.”

  • Yonnette Kennedy

    “Thank you Kim Thomas for being a woman of inspiration. Your story will shift perspectives quite quickly! God Bless you!”