Become Your Best You!

You know your worth, so it's time to raise your game, and make your dreams a reality. Would you like to endulge in a complete Lifestyle Makeover to enhance your image, well-being or confidence? Do you feel stuck, lacking energy, motivation or drive? Do things seem to be at a plateau in your life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps what you need is a total lifestyle overhaul. Whether you're an executive, entrepreneur, or stay at home mom, regardless of the industry you work in - your self image is your branding and how your communicate it is your business card.

Now is the time to invest in one of the greatest projects you'll ever work on ~ YOU!

The Complete Lifestyle Makeover includes the following:

Transform your health, your diet, your workout, your closet, your finances, your focus, your image, your branding and your blueprint to success with the Complete Lifestyle Makeover.
  • Initial Consultation with your Lifestyle Architect and Wellness Coach who will design your Makeover Blueprint and consult with the Team of Experts to ensure that the perfect plan is designed just for you.
  • Diet and Exercise Plan made specifically with your needs, goals and lifestyle in mind.
  • 4 Personal Training sessions with your certified Fitness Coach who will help you attack and implement your personalized fitness plan.
  • Life Coaching session to tackle some of the issues that have been holding back from living with your greatest purpose, passion and power.
  • Consultation with your Hair Designer followed up with a package of services of your choice, ranging from extensions, color, a luxurious treatment, wash & style and cut.
  • Beauty Consultation including a skin analysis, a detoxifying facial, and sample products.
  • Face to face with your Make-up Artist who will not only talk trends, techniques and products, but will also do your make-up for your photo-shoot.
  • Wardrobe Consultation and Personal Shopping Session with your Stylist and Lifestyle Architect. Let's help you bring your A game by putting together some pieces for your wardrobe and your photo-shoot!
  • Photoshoot Session with your entire glam squad, complete with edited photos for your business card or personal use
  • Financial Coaching Session to help you put things in order whether it's basic financial planning or major investment advice
  • Personal Image Consultation with your Branding Guru who will help you pull everything together so your can truly project your best you and market yourself as the extraordinary CEO of your own life!
Total cost of the Lifestyle Makeover - $1500
You have the option of paying in full or in four installments of $375

The Lifestyle Makover Team

I've asked my Team of Experts to give me their best and lowest rates, so I could offer a full lifestyle makeover at an affordable price. The photoshoot alone usually starts at $500.You also have the option to take a partial package or book a single session with any of the experts. Please use the Contact Me Page to inquire about single booking or partial packages.

My Team of Experts include some of the best in the industry of hair, make-up, branding, wellness, photography, fitness, fashion and finances. I completely endorse each one of my colleagues and once your read their bios, you will see that their vision aligns with mine and our goal is to collectively help to move people forward to becoming their best, most authentic 100% version of themselves.

In addition to offering this complete service to our clients, our Makeover Team would like to reach out to women and girls in need to offer a Complete Lifestyle Makeover at no cost to these women. This service will be offered as part of my non-profit organization - The REALme Foundation (Restoring, Elevating, Loving & Accepting Me). To find out more about this initiative, whether you would like to donate funds, offer additional services (like cooking, baking or serving these women in another capacity), or recommend a women or girl at risk please go to my REALMe page and click on "Get in touch with us" for further information.

Meet the Experts - Click on the pictures to learn more about them.