About REALMe Foundation

The REALMe Foundation (Restoring, Elevating , Accepting and Loving Me - The Real me) is a dynamic and innovative non-profit empowerment and personal development organization, founded by Kim Thomas in 2013 to help women and girls at risk - many of whom are vulnerable, hurting or broken.

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed. Proverbs 31:8

With a focus on the restoration process, our goal is to help women and girls realize their full potential, their beauty and their REAL authentic selves. Our mantra is that Strength and Beauty Comes from Within. We instill that there is hope, and that from brokenness comes strength and power. We advocate that there are no limits to success by training, teaching, mentoring and equipping our women and girls with the tools they need to take 100% responsibility for their life. REALMe is built on the Christian values of Love, Hope, Faith, Justice, Joy, Service, Peace, Restoration, Healing and Gratitude.

We believe that every woman and girl is precious, with unique gifts from God and the potential to succeed, no matter what challenges, setbacks or adversity she may face. We also recognize that a lack of education, knowledge and support are huge challenges that create enormous barriers to women and girls seeking to reach their full potential. That is why REALMe has made two important foundational commitments:

To empower women and girls with practical tools to walk in their destiny with purpose and passion, to love themselves and to live their best lives.

To raise up women and girls to be leaders to help other women and girls. We acknowledge that not only does change begin within, but also change begins when you give back.

Working With REALMe

REALMe proactively looks for partners to advance our work in the fields of education, health and women's empowerment. If you believe that your organisation would be an ideal partner with REALMe or one of our projects, please contact us.

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