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    Offering a unique approach to helping you design a LIFESTYLE of passion and purpose ~ Including Life, Relationship and Wellness Coaching

How Do I Register For Life Coaching?
Please fill out the coaching questionnaire/client inventory, so that I can get to know you better. Together we will assess, envision and strategize a plan based on where you are now and where you would like to be. Fill Me Out And Send It Back!

What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is not about analyzing your past (that’s therapy) or telling you what to do (that’s consulting); coaching is about looking forward and finding the answers from within. You are the expert on your life. I will be the guide who will help you become more conscious about what you want, create a clear plan for getting there, then provide support, resources, and accountability along the way.

Offering a unique approach to both Life Coaching and Wellness Coaching

What is it worth to you to improve your life? You can’t put a price tag on seeing your life move forward , accomplishing your goals and dreams and ultimately being happy.

I'll work one-on-one with you as your life is rapidly transformed towards fulfillment and success. My main method of working will be via powerful scheduled telephone coaching calls, at a frequency that suits you best. At the start of our coaching relationship, we will set objectives that are going to guide fundamental change in your life.

My coaching services are designed to help you see success and breakthrough in the areas that you feel stuck or challenged in. My niche is in helping people unleash their full potential, turning your dreams into a reality, living out your purpose and passion and also in relationship coaching for both singles and couples .

You are welcome to be in touch any time you want to brainstorm, troubleshoot, rebalance, celebrate, plan, get some support and/or make a decision. I am your partner in your success, high performance and fulfillment.

  • This plan is ideal for an introduction to Life Coaching, even with only a one month committment we are still able to delve deeply into where you are today and where you want to be in the future.

    This type of one-on-one coaching gives us the opportunity to connect work and life choices to your strengths, values and passions; assess where you are now and your vision for the future, including the creation of a vision board; develop short and long-term goals, create an action plan, and help you become accountable to get there; identify internal and external barriers that are getting in your way of sucess and how to overcome those obstacles, and nurture and actively use your authentic instinct and moral compass to guide great decision-making to become the best you.

  • This plan includes an additional 2 months of as per needed coaching calls for things that come up such as major decision making, job interviews, and other life and relationship issues at no additional cost.

    • 4 scheduled coaching calls at 60 minutes each
    • 2 scheduled 60 minute meeting face to face
    • Summaries of our scheduled calls sent to you via email including action items
    • Unlimited interim calls when things come up
    • Unlimited Email Coaching
    • Additional coaching tools and resources
    • In person coaching at your location if desired
  • What if you had a master coach available at a moment’s notice to help you make a key decision, achieve a major goal, or overcome a personal struggle?

    With Personal Coaching On-Demand you get expert insights to use in the midst of your situation anytime, anywhere. Imagine receiving expert advice on demand whenever you need it.

    In addition, you can take advantage of this one-time coaching service for specific goals like creating a vision board, an action plan or a business plan.

Coaching Themes Offered for Large Group Sessions

Often you have a small or large group from your organization that would benefit from a seminar or workshop. You want to avoid having to take them off-site or pay the huge per-person cost from a major training institute.

As a result, this is why we I offer small and large group seminars to allow you to target the topics that would be most helpful with a specific group in your organization with the training that they need the most. You can choose a theme from my list of seminars offer, or it can be customized to connect with the goals you have in your training program.

Affordable, my small group business, government and community seminars have a special rate of $750 plus HST for the entire group for up to a 3 hour seminar.

  • Seminars on Success and Motivation
  • The Five Part Harmony to a Healthy and Happy Relationship
  • Seminars on Relationships
  • Seminars with a Christian Message
  • Seminars on Health and Wellness
  • Developing a Concise & Inspiring Action Plan
  • How to Achieve a Lifestyle of Balance and Harmony in the Midst of it all.
  • Master the Art of Public Speaking
  • Learning to go from Pain to Purpose

Learn to make a difference in your world, no matter who you are and no matter what you do? In this comprehensive seminar, a wide range of topics are covered to help you unleash your creative power, talent and success ~ ultimately maximizing your potential and God-given gifts.

Learn what it takes to leave not only an immediate impact on those around you, but also to leave a legacy of a lifetime. As a change-agent and person of influence, you will be equipped to move from ordinary to the extraordinary, from mediocracy to motivated.

Learn to Increase your effectiveness as a leader, and set a new standard by raising the bar of personal excellence. Redefine your relationships, set new boundaries, establish new heights and gain a new and fresh level of personal insight and peace that empower you to be your best self. Like a pebble tossed into the water - your influence will be felt in the lives of all that are blessed to be in your circle, and those near and far.

  • Revolutionize your Campaign, your Company, your Community, your Country!
  • Be the Change you Want to See
  • A Better Way of Living: Creating Balance, Meaning & Joy
  • Finding Your Purpose with Passion

Kim’s most recent and currently promoted workshop (based on her upcoming book) There are 5 areas in our lives that can impact how we feel and determine our overall happiness in life and relationships.

  1. Communication and Teamwork
  2. Honour and Respect
  3. Love and Affection
  4. Quality Time and Being Available
  5. Serve and Nurture

Kim unpacks, unravels and discusses these 5 crucial elements for a successful relationship and ultimately how to live a life of joy, happiness and fulfillment.

One on one or group coaching on relationships and finding love. This seminar will capture some of the following issues:

  • Finding your soulmate
  • Becoming Extraordinary single or not
  • Fostering an extraordinary relationship - what does it take?
  • The three essential mantras of a relationship that everyone must know and consider!
  • The Laws of Attractions
  • What do men want YOU to know
  • What do women want YOU to know
  • And much more including HOT Topics and Q&A!

Kim offers a number of moral based messages that are suitable for both Christian and Non-Christian audiences. Ideal for youth groups, women's empowerment seminars and motivational conferences for men and women. A sample of topics include:

  • Replacing Fear with Faith
  • How to Turn Your Pain into your Purpose
  • The Power of Forgivness
  • Unleashing your God Given Talents
  • Finding Purpose and Living with Passion
  • Healing for the Soul Repairing Broken Relationships and Rebuiding Trust
  • Finding Balance and Erasing Overwhelm
  • Ten Ways to Start Living Life
  • How to Create a Vision Board
  • 7 Key Principles for being the Best You
  • 7 Habits that Lead to a Legacy of Happiness and Success
  • Developing Young Ladies of Virtue and Young Men of Valour

Back to basics approach that will teach you the principles of eating clean, whole foods and how to effectively fuel your workouts and your life! You will learn how to naturally restore balance & vibrant energy to your body in a sustainable way.

Other topics covered in this seminar are Supplements, Organic vs Local & the Perfect Daily

Learn how to take the guesswork out of healthy living & goal achievement so you can live the life you really want….a life by design. We'll be talking meal & workout planning, the math behind losing weight & how to fit healthy habits into your life.

Whether you are launching a new business, taking your career to the next level or piloting a new product - your dreams start with a firm business plan and vision. A written business plan will serve as a blueprint to capture what you are building, how you will do it and how the results will be measured along the way.

Keep in mind that plans can be used for any project or goal. In this seminar, you will see how important it is to use SMART goals, have a concise plan is, and address any fears or self-limiting beliefs that have stopped you from planning and following through.

You’ll create a 5 category action plan covering the vision, mission, strategies, measureable objectives and high-payoff action items necessary to keep you moving forward. You will gain immeasurable wisdom, guidance and support to write, revise and implement your plan, and will leave with a greater sense of clarity, confidence, power and passion.

Balance and harmony are two highly sought after ideals and attributes that so many people chase, yet never fully attain. In this past society where social media has seemingly taken over much of our communication - where is that fine-line and balance? Now more than ever we need to take back control of our lives and learn to priotorize all while living for today and planning for tomorrow. How does one fit, exercising, eating right, social life, spiritual life and family into an everyday schedule without running ragged?

In this seminar, we will explore these issues, trouble shoot the trials and come up with some solutions. You will learn not to let your schedule run you, but rather you run the schedule. A critical element for wellbeing and life satisfaction is the ability to rebalance when needed – to consciously shift attention to the key life areas that require it at that time.

In this fun and interactive workshop, you will honestly asses your satisfaction levels in 7 key areas of life; what is working well, and where they would like to make a difference. You will begin to clarify on your own terms what does balance and satisfaction look like and what kind of intentional action will make a positive impact for you.

Whether you have to give a presentation to a small team at work, or to a larger group for a presentation, you will benefit from this practical and interactive workshop.

You will learn to pull on your natural strengths, build your confidence, hone your communication skills, and refine your delivery techniques. You will also learn how to develop your content in a way that is authentic to you.

Build your life story and be a master designer and archetict of your own personal blueprint, all while learning to engage and retain your audience with power and pasion.

Life is a journey ~ a tapestry of both challenges and opportunities. How do you find the beauty in brokeness, the joy in mourning, the power through pain? How do you repair the damage to your spirit that everyone experiences along the way?

Learn how to take the challenges, disappointments and failures in life into reasons to succeed. In a time where many face adversity, set-backs, disappointments, we will uncover how one releases joy in their life again; how one picks up the pieces and goes from brokeness to wholeness again.

This seminar will help you learn how to become unstuck, find the beauty in the ashes, the calm after the storm, the light in darkness and the message through your mess. Pulling on the power of prayer, this seminar will leave you spirutually recharged and ready to exchange fear with faith.

Coaching Circles

A Coaching Circle comprises of small group of individuals with common goals who want to work on those goals in a supportive and motivating environment. Each team member comes prepared with a real-life topic, challenge or issue they are facing for spotlight coaching, during which the rest of the team serves as that person’s Board of Advisors, while the Life Coach faciltates the process and helps take the collaborative exploration from inquiry to action, and from action to committment.

Group members offer each other honest feedback, brainstorming, cheerleading and much needed truth-telling. Coaching circles faciliate deep, trusting relationships and contribe to tremendous professional and personal progress. A Life Coaching Circle can have great impact because of the collaborative and intimate setting. Typcially, you enroll as an individual and work alongside 3-5 other people for a period of 2-months (5 sessions, bi-weekly). The program is designed for an opportunity for both personal reflection and group interaction. How much you share or interact is entirely up to you, but this format can be a very enriching experience.

You will have homework in between sessions in order to maximize the benefits of the coaching experience. This is an ideal option if you want to focus on personal growth, self-exploration, goal setting, and life planning in a structured and supportive group setting. It can be exhilarating to undertake this growth process with individuals who are on the same journey – you may begin as strangers, but you will leave as friends and comrades in the pursuit of happiness.

Coaching Circle for Friends

Oprah says, “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” Belonging to a coaching circle is one effective way to do just that.

A Friendship Circle is an intimate life coaching program for you and a group of your friends (4-6 people). Ideal for a girl's group, or a spiritual team, the program is a 2-hour condensed version of the regular Life Coaching Circles (see above). Think of it as a sampler, or a kick-start – something to get your gears turning. What makes this program unique is that you undertake this process of growth with your friends, which means that the conversation can continue long after the session is over. You can expect this experience to deepen your friendships. And don’t be surprised if you learn something new about a friend who you have known intimately for years.

This is an ideal option if you have like-minded friends who are also interested in personal growth, goal setting and intimate discovery on hot topics such as family, relationships, sex, or the pursuit of happiness. It is also a low commitment option in terms of time and money. This may be a good option for you if you want to use your friendship network as a source of support, encouraging each other along the way.

Relationship Coaching

This plan is designed for an intensive session that can be done in isolation or booked as needed. It is also beneficial for those who can't make the monthly investment of time or money and just want to give coaching a try to help work through some specific issues or challenges.

This plan is also ideal for relationship coaching for both singles and couples. The sessions are an hour in length and designed to be face to face.

For Couples

I will help you with practical take-aways to build a bullet-proof relationship based on my intensive research for my book and conference series The 5 Part Harmony for a Healthy and Happy Relationship. Helping you find ways to build each other up, and enjoy a relationship that is thriving with love, passion, purspose and fulfillment.

For Singles

The dating scene isn't easy these days. With the added layers of social media, online dating, busier lifetsyles and higher expectations - finding that special someone can prove to be a daunting task. I will help you establish the groundwork in first uncovering your authentic self and knowing your ideals - as it is true when they say what we become, will determine who we attract. Instead of looking for love ~ become loving and it will return to you. In addition, I will help you establish what I call "Your Dating DNA" - including your non-negotiables and negtiables in a relationship, how to navigate through online dating, how to maximize the moment, how to make the best of the social scene, how to uncover that deep word "soulmate" and much more. A minimum of 2 sessions are required for Relationship Coaching.

Wellness Coaching

Whether you are suffering from fatigue, low energy, weight gain or loss, stress, digestive issues, lacking motivation or simply looking to make healthier choices and find balance in your life, I can work with you to create a plan that fits all of your individual needs. Consider one of the following three wellness plans:

  • Initial Consultation

    Includes a 1-2 hour consultation. This session is an in depth discussion about all of your needs and goals. After this initial consultation, I will send you a completely individualized plan to help you attain all your personal goals. This includes diet + fitness & lifestyle recommendations, recipes and other resources to help you succeed! This package includes the following:

    • 1-2 hour consultation
    • Personalized workout plan for a month
    • 7 Day flexible eating meal plan
    • Grocery list
    • Supplement Recommendations
    • Access to healthy recipes including Paleo, vegan and gluten free diets
    • Proven and successful detox meal plan
  • Follow up Coaching

    These 1 hour coaching sessions are designed to help you overcome any roadblocks on your wellness journey and help you get unstuck in the areas that are impeding your breakthrough. It is recommended that you book these sessions once a month after the initial consultation – until you have reached your goals. It is not just about getting ‘killer-abs’ or a “ripped body”. Instead, it is about setting SMART goals, achieving overall wellness, feeling confident, strong and learning to love yourself. We will focus on implementing strategies that will help move you closer to your goals and being your best you. I will be your accountability partner. These sessions can be sit down sessions, over the phone or at the gym if you need personal training.

  • Online Wellness Package

    I will send you an assessment survey to determine your wellness and fitness needs, then design an individualized meal plan and exercise program for you. This package includes the following:

    • Personalized workout plan for a month
    • 7 Day flexible eating meal plan
    • Grocery list
    • Supplement Recommendations
    • Access to healthy recipes including Paleo, vegan and gluten free diets
    • Proven and successful detox meal plan
  • Total Wellness Package

    This complete package is designed for those who are concerned not only with their fitness and diet wellness, but also with their total wellbeing which includes life goal planning, healthy relationships, living out their passion and purpose and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I incorporate my life coaching principles with my wellness expertise to create a program that will allow you to live your best life. Whether it’s goal setting, learning to brand yourself, making business connections, starting a charity or foundation or just living a life of greater impact – this all becomes possible when you have total wellness.

    • Initial Consultation (see above)
    • 2 Life Coaching Sessions
    • 1 Wellness Coaching Session
    • 1 two hour Personal Training Session (which you can split)
    • Personalized workout plan for a month
    • Flexible eating meal plan for a month
    • Grocery list
    • Supplement Recommendations
    • Access to healthy recipes including Paleo, vegan and gluten free diets
    • Proven and successful detox meal plan
    • Weekly personal access to me for questions and concerns via call in, text or email
  • Group Wellness Package

    This package is designed to help you accomplish all your fitness, wellness and life goals while keeping your cost down. We work as a group (up to 4 people) and each of you holding the other accountable. You will receive all of the components listed in the Total Wellness Package; however, coaching, and personal training sessions are done as a group. We can divide the 2 hour personal training into ½ sessions each if the fitness goals are very different.

Download Kim's Lifestyle, Health and Wellness Guide

Health and Wellness Guide

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Can I pay a year in advance?


Can I change plans at any time?

I am flexible in changing our coaching appointments. The client comes first. A week's notice is most ideal.

Can I add change plans at anytime?

Yes you can! Again, a week's notice is highly recommended.

Do you have a privacy policy or terms of service?

Yes I do! That will be emailed to you before we get started.