My Story

Kim is a lifestyle architect, with an expertise and passion to see the blueprint of people’s lives changed, transformed, enhanced and elevated. We are designed for purpose and this is what motivates Kim to give back and share what she knows.

Kim’s ultimate passion is to be a catalyst of change, and to use her platform to help others find their purpose and fulfill their destiny. Her commitment to creating an enduring legacy that will impact the world is only surpassed by her passion for family and her three remarkable children who inspire her to pursue greatness and together live the mantra to give back to the world, more than we take.

Kim knows what it feels like to endure pain, face adversity and have dreams deferred. She understands the power of being resilient and tenacious in the midst of disappointment, despair and setbacks.

Kim is honored to share her story in the book that she co-authored - Living Without Limitations - 30 Stories to Heal Your World - which went International Best-seller on it’s first day of release in April 2014. She is currently working on her next book and conference series ~ The 5 Part Harmony: A Guide to Successful Relationships and a Happy Life.

Having survived a major and near-fatal car accident resulting in a dismal prognosis, Kim had to fight fear with faith to overcome one of her greatest trials. She knows what it's like to reach rock bottom and have nothing left but courage to get to up and move on.

But these struggles are what gave Kim the strength to turn her obstacles into opportunities, her test into a testimony, her trials into triumphs and her pain into her purpose - birthing an epiphany that confirmed her destiny : To inspire others to live a lifestyle of purpose and passion.

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Kim Thomas is a proud supporter and global ambassador for the Me to We Foundation. You too can be an advocate and supporter by bringing awareness to their many causes through the purchasing of the items below. Kim also speaks globally on the platform of "Be the Change" - empowering people live life with purpose, passion and power.

Me to We is an innovative social enterprise that provides people with better choices for a better world. We offer socially conscious and environmentally friendly products as well as life-changing experiences. Me to We measures the bottom line, not by dollars earned, but by the number of lives changed and the positive social and environmental impact made. Half of Me to We’s net profit is donated to Free The Children. The other half is reinvested to grow the enterprise and its social mission.

Story behind the product

Me to We Artisans is a line of original accessories handmade with love by mamas in Kenya. Gathered under the acacia trees with their young children in tow, the mamas bead using art forms passed down mother-to-daughter through the generations, turning their traditional handiwork into a livelihood. By joining Artisans, each woman is empowered to build her savings and do things she never would have believed possible; improve her home, buy food and medicine for her family, send her children to school, and become a leader in her community. Today, more than 1,000 mamas are employed full-time in Kenya through Me to We Artisans. Working toward financial independence through this sustainable source of income, the mamas are building a future for themselves and their families, one beautiful beaded item at a time.

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